What is Sealcoating? Asphalt Sealing Explained

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Are you a driveway or parking lot owner in Fort Lauderdale, FL? If so, then you know just how challenging asphalt pavement maintenance can be!

From expanding cracks to fading lane striping – when it comes to keeping your pavement looking its best for as long as possible – there’s no one size fits all solution.

But before we get into the nitty-gritty details of asphalt repair, let’s talk about an often-overlooked aspect of asphalt maintenance: sealcoating! That’s right – don’t worry if this is new territory for you; we are here to walk you through the basics of what sealcoating is and why it’s so important.

Brace yourself because this education may surprise and delight even veteran pavement owners! Ready to put on your learning cap? Let’s dive right in.

What sealcoating is and what it does for asphalt pavement surfaces

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Sealcoating is a highly effective method of protecting asphalt pavement surfaces from damage. It involves applying a mixture of asphalt and latex polymers, creating a protective coating which shields it against various elements. When applied correctly and regularly maintained with sealcoat treatments over time, your asphalt surface can last for many years to come!

When compared to traditional crack repair treatments such as filling with hot mix asphalt or cold patching materials, applying sealcoat can also extend the life cycle of pavement surfaces by up to three times longer depending on use and weather conditions.

Sealcoat offers superior protection against UV rays, water penetration, oil stains, tire marks, abrasion, and corrosion – all of which can contribute to premature aging and deterioration of your asphalt pavement surfaces.

The process of sealcoating and how long it takes

The process typically involves cleaning and preparing the area before applying a mixture of emulsion and mineral aggregate to create a durable protective layer. When applying sealcoat, you can spread the mixture with a brush or roller, or spray it on.

The process of spreading sealcoat onto asphalt pavement surfaces is done using specialized machinery with a tank that holds the sealcoat material and then applies it evenly over the surface. This method is known as spread-sealcoating because it requires manual labor to spread the sealcoat evenly on the pavement surface.

Spraying sealcoat, on the other hand, uses a sprayer or blower to apply the sealcoat material onto the pavement surface. The material is then spread out by an automated machine or by hand with a squeegee or broom. Spraying methods are more efficient than spread-sealcoating techniques since they cover large areas quickly with less labor involved.

Whether you opt to spread or spray sealcoat, the process usually takes one to two days depending on the size of the area and the complexity of the job. It’s important to remember that sealcoating should only be done when temperatures are above 50 degrees Fahrenheit in order for it to properly bond with the pavement surface.

The benefits of sealcoating – how it protects your pavement, increases its lifespan, and more

parking lot sealing project in Fort Lauderdale FL done by Fort Lauderdale Asphalt

Asphalt sealcoating not only improves the overall look of your driveway or parking lot but also helps protect it from damaging elements such as UV light, water, and traffic wear and tear. It helps to keep asphalt looking fresh and new while protecting it against oxidation caused by the environment and dirt build-up.

Sealcoating adds a protective layer of asphalt emulsion that acts as a barrier between asphalt surfaces and outside debris. This not only prevents cracking due to weather extremes but also provides up to four years of added life span for asphalt pavements if applied correctly.

neatly sealcoated driveway in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Moreover, asphalt sealing is another way to ensure your paved surfaces look their best. This process involves a specialized asphalt sealer being applied uniformly over asphalt surfaces in order to protect them from further damage. It also provides an attractive finish that can increase the curb appeal of your property and reduce the need for costly asphalt repairs down the line.

Ultimately, applying sealant to residential driveways and commercial parking lots can preserve the integrity of asphalt pavements. A seal coat can help ensure your parking lot or driveway’s appearance lasts longer while keeping it looking its best!

Signs that tell your pavement needs sealcoating

sealed asphalt pavement cracks for further damage prevention

While you can clean your dirty driveway with a garden hose or get rid of grease stains and gas stains with a pressure washer, there are certain signs that indicate that your pavement may be in need of sealcoating. Here are some key indicators that you should look out for:

1) Cracks – If you notice any cracks on your driveway or parking lot surface, then it’s time to consider sealing them as soon as possible. Larger cracks allow water to seep into the gaps which can cause further damage to the pavement and create an unsafe surface.

2) Alligatoring – This is a common term used to describe when small cracks form into larger, interconnected ones that look like alligator skin. If your driveway or parking lot has this type of crack pattern, it’s likely time for driveway sealing or parking lot sealing.

3) Color Change – If you notice that your driveway or parking lot has faded in color, then it could be another sign that they need to be sealcoated. UV rays from the sun can cause asphalt surfaces to fade and become discolored over time. Sealcoating will help protect them from further fading and keep them looking new for longer.

If you notice any of these signs on your driveway or parking lot, then it may be time to consider applying quality asphalt driveway sealer. Sealcoating is a great way to extend the life of your pavement and keep it looking great for years to come.


Asphalt sealcoating is a process that helps protect your asphalt from the elements and extends its lifespan. The benefits of sealcoating are many, including improved appearance, better protection against the elements, and decreased repair costs down the line.

If you think your asphalt could benefit from sealcoating, Fort Lauderdale Asphalt can help. We offer quality sealcoating services to prolong the life of your asphalt pavement. Contact us today to get started.

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