Is your asphalt pavement looking dull and faded?

Are your parking lot or road lines in need of a freshen-up?

We offer a wide range of commercial and industrial sealing options for all types of asphalt surfaces, including parking lotsmall parking lotsparking garagescommercial propertiesHOA roading, and industrial warehouses.

We are dependable and versatile asphalt contractors, combining our resources to provide durable sealcoating and line striping solutions.

We have been sealing parking lots in Fort Lauderdale and Broward County for over 25 years. We sealcoat and stripe all types of parking lots; from small businesses to large retail centers.

If you need line striping or sealcoating in Fort Lauderdale, or anywhere in Broward County, call the paving experts at Fort Lauderdale Asphalt.  (954) 466-9220


Why Sealcoat Asphalt?

Sealcoating is a great way to seal and protect asphalt from the elements. Seal coating asphalt helps keep your parking lot looking beautiful and new for years to come. Asphalt sealing also helps prevent potholes, cracks, and other problems that can occur when water gets into an asphalt pavement surface. Sealcoating will help extend the life of your parking lot by protecting it from wear and tear caused by traffic, weather conditions like rainstorms or hot summers, chemicals such as oil, anti-freeze, or gasoline spills.

Sealing your parking lot may be an expense upfront, but it is an essential part of asphalt pavement maintenance, that will save you money in the long run! The protective properties of seal-coat provide protection for your asphalt parking lot, which helps prevent cracking, and potholes, which eventually lead to costly repair jobs.

Get your asphalt parking lot seal in Fort Lauderdale done today! It will save you money long-term, and it makes your parking lot or road look great!

Call us for a free sealcoating quote today. (954) 466-9220

Parking lot at FLL airport sealcoated and waiting to dry before painting lines

Line Striping Fort Lauderdale

Line striping or line painting, on parking lots and roads, is very important. Clear road markings help direct the flow of traffic, keep parking areas clear, and helps to reduce accidents on your property.

If you let your parking lot line-markings fade or wear off too much, the city will often issue a citation for your parking lot, and give you a limited time to have it rectified. This is often not the best situation, as it will have to be correctly permitted, then inspected by the city once complete - all adding time and expense to your business.

The best solution? Have your parking lot lines painted before it becomes a problem!

We have been line striping in Fort Lauderdale for 25 years. We have top-quality painting equipment that will give you beautiful, clear road lines that will be durable and long-lasting. Give us a ring, for your free line striping assessment and estimate today.  (954) 466-9220

parking lot lines painted in fort lauderdale fl

ADA Parking Compliance in Fort Lauderdale

We have worked with many local businesses in Broward County, helping them to keep up to date with the latest ADA or handicapped parking and accessibility requirements.

Like having faded or worn parking lines, if you do not have clearly marked disabled parking spaces included in your parking lot, a citation could be issued by your city.

Along with the clear and correct markings and signage, you need the correct number of spaces, access space for all parking spots, and concrete approach ramps set in the curb and sidewalk. It must be clearly marked with paint of the correct color and design approved by the Florida Depart of Transport (FDOT).

We are up to date on all the ADA requirements for each city in Broward County. If you need help complying, then reach out! We would be more than happy to help.   (954) 466-9220

Wheelchair access parking space in Broward County

Private Community Road Sealcoating

If the streets of your gated community are looking a little shabby, Fort Lauderdale Asphalt may be the right choice for you. By sealcoating your private community roads, we will add years to their life while making them look pristine again.

This service is essential because it helps preserve the investment homeowners have made in their homes by protecting the streets and parking areas in their community.

We have worked with many condo associations and HOA boards over the years, and have many happy customers to show for it. We do special discounts for gated community sealcoating in Florida, and will help you get your private roads looking amazing again!  (954) 466-9220

Parking Lot Seal Fort Lauderdale

If your parking lot could do with a spruce up, we're the team for the job. We can help you out with any and all sealcoating in Broward County. Extend the life of your parking lot, and make it look great in the process.

We offer a seal and stripe package to all businesses in Broward County. If you need parking lot sealing in Fort Lauderdale, or any city in Broward, give us a call! Our seal and stipe package is efficient, affordable, and looks great!

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today for your free quote.  (954) 466-9220

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