For excavating, land clearing and excavation services in the Fort Lauderdale area, we should be your first choice. We have the heavy excavation equipment and experience to assist you in any and all land clearing, land development, and site preparation services.

Our excavators are ready to get the job done right for you. We have years of experience excavating roads, trenching, land clearing, site development, excavating basements, and excavations for docks.

Our excavating and land clearing services are comprehensive yet affordable for our residential, commercial and industrial clients.

Whether you need excavations in Fort Lauderdale to construct a new home or business, we have the excavating equipment, experience, knowledge and expertise at your disposal. Call the excavation experts today:  (954) 466-9220


Land Clearing Fort Lauderdale

Land clearing is a term generally used to describe land which has been cleared for further development. Land clearing is a process involving the large-scale removal of all vegetation, buildings, and structures. It can also include the removal of topographic features such as hills, swamps, or any other impediments to construction that might be on the property in question.

We help people with land clearing at all stages of land clearing, whether you want to clear land for farming purposes, or if you are undertaking construction work and need site development services, we can handle any land clearing job quickly and efficiently.

As a leading land clearing contractor in Fort Lauderdale, we have the excavating equipment to suit your land clearance needs, whether you are clearing trees or a home or building that has been recently demolished.

Land clearing is part of the site development process and involves land grading, soil removal, debris disposal, and any other processes needed to prepare the land for construction.

Excavation contractors in Fort Lauderdale clearing land for new construction

Land Preparation Fort Lauderdale

Along with our land clearing service in Broward County, we can also provide site preparation services. Before building on any land, it must be properly prepared for construction. Site preparation is a major part of the development process and involves clearing trees, grading the site to create buildable areas, installing roads and/ or water lines in order to facilitate easy access to the property while preparing the foundation for new structures with proper drainage and runoff capabilities.

We can help with the site development process from A to Z. Once the land has been cleared, we can provide the full site development. From grading and compacting the sub grade for roads and parking lots, to preparing the base for the construction of new buildings.

We can also provide trenching for all services, such as electricity, gas, water, and drainage.

Picture of land freshly prepared for construction in Fort Lauderdale. Site prepared by compacting and smoothing sub base

Drainage and Drain Laying Fort Lauderdale

We have been a top drainage company in Fort Lauderdale for many years. Our knowledge and expertise when it comes to drainage and drain laying are second to none. Drainage in Broward County, and South Florida, in general, is so important and often overlooked.

Our high levels of rainfall, coupled with our flat, close to sea level land, means that drainage can often be a major issue for property owners in South Florida.

Let us alleviate your worries, by leveraging our years of drainage experience. We will provide you with a simple, but effective drainage plan to ensure you have excellent drainage on your property now, and into the future.

Trench freshly dug for storm water drains to be laid in fort lauderdale florida

Excavating Near Me

If you're searching for excavating contractors near me, you've come to the right place. We are the premier excavating contractors in Broward County, and we can respond to your needs with speed and efficiency.

No job is too big or too small for us here at Fort Lauderdale Asphalt. Whether you need a standard excavation, or some more unusual excavating solutions, such as trench clearing within a sensitive environment; We are the excavation pros for the job.

Give us a call, and we can arrange for one of our drainage and excavation experts to come out to your property, and give you a free consultation, and if requested, a comprehensive estimate.

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